Names of Jesus…


So multifaceted is he that the Bible overflows with names, titles, and designations to describe him that he is:
The Alpha And The Omega, And The
Anointed One
The Beloved Son, And The Bright And Morning Star
The Carpenter Of Nazareth, And The Christ Of Glory
The Deliver And The Death Star From On High
The Everlasting Lord
The First And The Last, And The Faithful And The True
The Great I Am, And The Good Shepherd
The High Priest In The Holy One Of Israel Emmanuel – God With Us
The Judge Of All The Earth
The King Of The Jews, And The King Of Kings
The Lily Of The Valley, The Lamb Of God, The Lion Of Judah, And The Lord Of Lords
The Man Of Sorrows, And The
The Nazarene
The Overcomer
The Prince Of Peace
The Redeemer, The Rabbi, And The Rock
The Son Of God Of Man, And The Savior Of The World
The Teacher Who Came From God
The Virgin
‘s Son
The Word Of God
The Way, The Truth, And The Life New
Yeshua, Joshua, Jesus.

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