Nevertheless, I have so much against me, because thou has left that first love. – Revelation 2:4

In Revelation 2:2-3, eight signs or mention showing the seal of the church at Ephesus, but there was one bad sign. The lord said: “repeat, and do the first works; or else I will come into the quickly and will remove that candle stick out of his place “ (verse five) what was this soon? “That his left eye first love (verse 4).

We find the same sin in the church today. There is enthusiasm for the truth, fervent love, continuous hard work, but what the Lord values most is missing: tender, fervent love for HIM.

A Christian may be a good example and all he does, yet the tender love for Jesus is missing. There is no personal daily fellowship with Christ. All the many activities which people satisfy themselves or nothing in the eyes of the Master.

Christ came from heaven to love us just as the father loved him. He suffered to win our hearts for the love. His love can be satisfied with nothing less than the personal love. Christ consider this a prime importance. Let us do so too. Even though we are doing many good things quote for the Lord, “we must not leave “our first Love. “

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