Today’s Thoughts: Book 12; II Kings….

Book 12; II Kings

Television gives us around-the-clock news, but it’s a mixed blessing. A constant diet of current events can leave us in a state fo nervous depression. Well, imagine following the news of ancient Israel during the days of the Old Testament kings! The God-fearing people of those days must have struggled mightily to maintain their morale amid the downward spiral of their times. The book of 2 Kings is like a news account of this discouraging succession of kings, starting with King Ahab. The first seventeen chapters of the book describes the events that occurred in the days of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah; the final eight chapters focus on Judah alone. The story concludes with Israel exiled in the Assyria and Judah banished to Babylon.

It would be easy, to read all this, to close the book and sigh, “All is lost!” Yet throughout the story of 2 Kings, God never lost control of Israel’s destiny, and His promises were undeterred. Even the fall of Judah, as tragic as it was, set the stage for subsequent events in the Old Testament and Intertestamental times, leading to the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of Abraham, the Son of David.

Yes, we need to keep up with the events; but don’t let the bad news get you down. Focus on the Good News of Jesus Christ. Kings may fail and nations may falter, but God is still on His throne, and His rule will have no end.


Though the story of the decline and fall of Israel’s monarchy appears bleak at times, God never lost control of Israel’s destiny and His promises were undeterred.


So he answered, ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’”

2 Kings 6:16


We like Elisha, should live with confidence in chaotic times, for we are protected by the invisible armies of he Lord of Hosts

( 2 Kings 6:17)


Lord, may a double portion of Your Spirit be upon me.

Excerpted From: Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible; by David Jeremiah.

Please check your KJV for exact bible cites.

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