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I must send apologies for my random posts of late.  Due to a medical glitch which I think the Lord has healed, I’ve been absent for a few days at a time.  Just know that in these seasons of absence this author holds you in thoughts and prayers and is grateful for your keeping up with us.  


If you ever wonder what causes me to choose a post or write a new post, the answer is simple. I pray and meditate for guidance and choose the topic that comes to mind after my morning meditations. There is no science to it. I often, even wake up in the middle of the night with questions of my own. I send an email to the church to remind me of the topic to research in the morning. It works for me I hope it works for some of you. We love you and hold you in our prayers always.

FIND US ON THE WEB….. Binghamtown Baptist Church; 1 Gateway Dr.; Middlesboro, KY 40965


Good News: Pastor Bingham is now available nationwide on CTN Channel in over 51 million homes. He may be seen Thursday nights 10 P.M. (EST) on CTN (Direct TV Channel 376; or Dish Network Channel 267), and Glory Star Satellite.

You may now hear Preacher Bingham on YouTube at any time by searching Binghamtown Baptist Church (keep scrolling through the play list). These are little tools that allow you to be with us daily if you wish. We love you and hold you fast in our prayers. Any important updated church information can be found on the website under the appropriate tabs.


  • Blog: (Click on any page on the website and the blog is a direct link at the bottom)

  • Phone: GCHS (606) 670-0870; For Info or Help with media information

  • Sunday School Blog: Bag Ladies of Binghamtown:

  • Email All requests to the Church:

  • You Tube….search for Binghamtow Baptist Church and choose from the playlist

  • WMIK (Where Messiah Is King) Radio: 97.4 FM; 560 AM

Amazon Direct Link …….
Direct link to support Gateway Christian School
on Amazon Smile… 

In addition, you may also link your shopping cards at and Food City to their School Philanthropy programs. The school gets a percentage of your grocery shopping linked to your shopping cards as well? All of these programs are free, easy, and at no cost to you and a good way to help the school.
Please note: Food City requires that we have to sign up once a year to renew our giving. That is usually in October of each year. Quarterly checks are sent to the school from your purchases
Note: Amazon keeps a running total at the top of your account to show how much your shopping has  contributed to the school account.

New Unto Others Thrift Store at 1009 N. 19th Street in Middlesboro, KY 40965.  606.269.2462 OR 606.670.2504. Some of the best dressed women in Bell County shop here. 100%All proceeds go directly back to our community.  We are completely volunteer run and supported.  We also provide community services and food pantry for the hungry at NEW UNTO OTHERS. 
Our most current fund-raising projects are now available at NEW UNTO OTHERS as well.   You may buy the following:  (all proceeds go to Gateway Christian School)
*Specialized Jewelry*Church Cookbooks*Delicious Chocolates and other fund raiser gifts.  Our Gateway Christian School is 100% funded by private donations by philanthropists like you.  

‘THE TABLE Coffee HOUSE’ opening soon. All new custom coffee shop on campus. 100% of the profits go to Gateway Christian School….

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