Today’s Thought: “Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible” by David Jeremiah

Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible” by David Jeremiah

For some time I have been searching for a concise book that would recap the books of the Bible in an easy to understand way. As serendipity, and God would have it, I was listening to David Jeremiah and the program recommended his book..”Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible”.

For the nest Several weeks we will explore them together, book by book. I hope you enjoy his summaries as much as I did.

David Jeremiah introduces it to us by noting….The Bible contains everything we need to know what time and eternity. It’s the wisdom of God distilled for human consumption. It’s the mind of Christ between two covers; knowledge that it lightens, advise that councils, food feeds, milk that nourishes, honey that sweetens, gold and riches, a word that defense, a hammer that molds us, and a lamp that guides us.

Every word of the Bible was penned by a person like you or me, yet each word with weed out by God is holy man of the old smoke as a spirit move them the resulting book is unique, inspired, infallible, and hear it, never failing, ever reviving, as old as antiquity and as relevant as tomorrow’s headlines, and forever established in heaven….

Recent surveys show that over half of the populations surveyed agree the Bible has everything we need to know about life. However, only about 10 percent read it daily. Whether you are a veteran of the Bible or a new Christian you may feel absolutely overwhelmed. Many tell us they are confused and don’t understand how the flow was put together.

… Jesus said we should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We could say “every book “, forgot His divided His seasons to us into 66 seconds – none of which should be missed. The blessings abound to you times 66 if you open up Gods word day by day…

We hope recapping David Jeremiahs work on this topic will open your eyes and hearts, remove the stress of interpreting on you own, and lead you to a better, more enlightened daily reading of God’s word. His books can be odored from his website or Amazon…

We begin with the books of the old testament:

1.Genesis: Many modern words like genes, genetics, generations, and genealogy, come from the same root word as Genesis, meaning origin or creation. In it we have the beginning of the Universe, the human race, sin,; the beginning of God’s program of redemption and the Jewish pimple, who were the ones through whom God would bring the Messiah to the world.

The first eleven chapters of Genesis focus on primeval history, while the rest of the book gives patriarchal history—the story of Abraham and his descendants. Genesis 1-50 tells of the four great persons—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

The book of Genesis sets the stage for the entire biblical story and provides the foundational lessons for us. As we read this book we are reminded that no matter what life brings or how evil intrudes, God has a plan; and His ultimate plan cannot be frustrated. Many of the events recorded in Genesis permanently affected life on earth. Yet in spite of those epic events, God’s plan remained on schedule. We can trust His ability to make sense of our lives even if our world appears to be upside down. When we read the book of Genesis , we are reminded that our Creator-God is sovereign and He is always in control-from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation.

KEY THOUGHT: God is the origin of all things—the universe, the earth, life, humankind, the Jewish people, and the plan of redemption.

KEY VERSES: Genesis 50:20-21 (Summary) As for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant if for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. Now therefore, do not be afraid.

KEY ACTIONS: Remember that no matter what life brings or how evil intrudes, our Creator has a plan, His sovereignty cannot be thwarted, and His plan is right on schedule.

KEY PRAYER: Lord, help me to remember that You are in control of my life, from the beginning to the end.

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