Today’s Thought: Prayer to the Holy Spirit….


July 18, 2016

Inspired by Roman 8:11

Most High and Holy Father, we come to you today, first in supplication and praise of your Almighty Divinity. We pray for guidance in our lessons and messages that they may bring us closer to you in eternal glory. Lord, we know that all of those who put their faith in Jesus Christ are immediately and permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

We acknowledged that the Holy Spirit still works in and through believers to accomplish His will. Lord we also pray that His power leads us, convicts us, teach us, and equip us to do His work and spread the gospel.

Secondly, Father, we ask the most Holy Triune to shine a light on our chaos weary world and send a global revival that is fitting of your glory and honor…

Lastly, Lord, we pray that you bless us each with compassionate hearts so that we may be better able to serve your needs on Earth. We ask for blessings and healing for all of those who suffer mentally and physically, so that their souls may more clearly focus on, You, Lord. Your Will be done in the name of the Lord Jesus who uplifts each day. Amen

Inspired by Roman 8:11

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