Today’s Thought: All Grace Abound….



Have you ever hit a point when you couldn’t do one more thing? I felt that way a few weeks ago when I was feeling exhausted spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I was in the process of writing when I just stopped and decided that I couldn’t write one more word. The feeling of depletion and discouragement overwhelmed me and I hit a wall. I prayed to God in my moment of distress and He brought back the memory of my calling. I took a deep breath and asked Him for the grace to continue. The Lord heard my prayer and I was able to complete my work.

When we come to the end of all of our best efforts, skills, and talents—we have nothing else to give. This is when we can come to God seeking His grace to finish the work. The Lord never called us to His purpose and plans based on our gifts anyway. While our gifts do make room and opportunities for our success, it’s not the primary foundation for our success. The grace given by God allows us to know that He is in control and working everything out according to His will.

This grace gives us the extra edge in life. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are given grace that compels us forward when everyone else is ready to give up. We are given grace in our homes to love our spouses and train our children. We are given grace in the workplace to do everything as to God and not to man. We are given grace when we are insulted and persecuted because of our faith—to love our enemies instead of returning their evil.

When grace kicks in, everything changes. Our attitude, strength, and motivation rises to a higher level than what we ever thought possible. Grace is a gift that we can’t afford to leave unattended.


Dear Lord, I need Your grace to complete this great work and calling on my life. Help me to refocus my efforts to You and not on my own strengths. Amen.

In His Service, Crystal

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