Today’s Thought: How and What to Pray..

SUNDAY SCHOOL 2.4.2018 JOAN Bingham

For the last few months, Joan Bingham has been teaching us about prayer. Her research has been very helpful. We are posting some of her handouts for you on our website:, and our blog which is easily accessed from that site. God knows the need of each human on the planet nothing escapes Him. Pray from the heart and it will be heard. God is not a discern-er of persons. Your prayers mean the same to Him as kings and politicians as long as we are humble and pray with good intention from the heart.

Some of the basic notes are as follows: Taken from interpretations on the Our Father….

Free will requires us to discipline ourselves to stay on track with the Lord.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Hallowed be thy name. We get to call God our Father.
Thy kingdom come: requires total submission to His plan…
JOHN 17-not my will but Your Will be done.
Give us this Day our daily bread…Don’t take God’s gifts for granted.
Forgive us our TRESPASSERS- as we must forgive our TRESPASSERS.

-Our Country
-The Sick & Infirm
-Our Families /All of them
-Change in the nature of our enemies
-A hedge of protection from temptation for us

– A hedge of protection from world and its’ chaos

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