Today’s Thought: Spiritual Fire Department…..

The Spiritual Fire Department

Read Corinthians 4:1-5

Suppose that a fire was discovered at your home and your family was trapped inside. You called the “911” number and they never came. Your house burned as your family perished within as hope of rescue never came.

As you rehearsed the event in your mind you were rightfully upset! Perhaps yo wondered, “What could have gone wrong?”

The responder excuses were as follows:

  • Napping didn’t want to be disturbed
  • We had a game going and I didn’t want to leave
  • We didn’t think it was important enough to go.

In anger you launch a lawsuit and win. The judge found them to be negligent and gave serious sentencing. The judge and jury saw that they failed to have their priorities in order. They thought only of themselves and not others.

Every Christian and every Church is a “spiritual fire department!” People are perishing in this world and headed to a fiery eternity called Hell. They cry out for help and are met with flimsy excuses. When we are judged it will not only be shameful, but incriminating. How will you measure up? Will you be judged because you did not carry out your Christian duty to rescue the lost? Let us step up. People are perishing; lets rescue them.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father send the Holy Spirit to help me be the Christian Rescuer you command me to be.  Let my daily journey speak to this need to all who I see.  Let me be the change and guide to your Word.  In Jesus Holy Name we pray. Amen

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