Today’s Thought:

God sent a message through Haggai, the prophet, to the exiles who returned back to their land. They were struggling every day and hardly saw any progress. The Lord was reminding them to “consider their ways.” They weren’t doing what was right in the Lord. Instead, they paid more attention to their own homes than they did to the building of God’s temple. Anytime more attention is given to creation than the Creator—there’s going to be problems.
Some of us are just like the exiles—we are working hard every day and we rarely see any progress. Perhaps the Lord is speaking the same message to us to consider our ways. Do we consider the Lord when we receive our paychecks to tithe? Do we consider how we talk, live, and interact with those who don’t know the Lord? It’s easy for us to go along to get along with our neighbors; however, have we considered that God has placed them in our lives for a deeper reason?
When we consider our ways and question our lifestyle, we can hear God speak more clearly and directly about our lives. When we decide to line up our lives with what we know from God’s word, we will see the fruit of our hard work. Our energy and drive will be renewed by the Spirit of God because we will more heavily invest in those things that are eternal.
Considering our ways isn’t God’s punishment; rather its God’s grace and mercy to keep us from the deception of living more for ourselves than for His purposes. We can have a balance of spirit, mind, and body in this day and age. God wants to bless us abundantly as we put Him and His plans before ours.
Dear Lord, You are good and Your ways are above mine. Lead me into considering You plans before my own plans so that my work will be fruitful in heaven and on earth. In Jesus’ name, amen.
In His Service,
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