Today’s Thought: Spiritual Hunger Pains…

The holidays are always a time for people to reflect on life and what the outgoing year has brought to their lives and souls.  Spiritual hunger pains should be a part of every good Christians thoughts all year long.  Here is a good thought to help us focus here before the holidays.  

When I was growing up, my dad would make large Sunday dinners for our family. Our stomachs would growl angrily as we smelled the fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans all day. The downside of those dinners is that dad also enjoyed Sunday football. This meant that he would regularly stop cooking to watch a football play. Unfortunately, that meant that our Sunday dinners were usually later instead of earlier in the day. No one had to call any of us twice when dinner was finally ready.
Our physical bodies remind us when we need to eat. We can fill that need with healthy food or unhealthy food, or we can ignore it. Most of the time if we are able, we will not ignore our stomachs growling except in times of fasting. However, what are we doing about our spiritual hunger pangs? Are we filling them with healthy or unhealthy habits? Or are we ignoring them?
Our spiritual hunger pangs tend to hit us when we’ve been neglecting our times of Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship. We are reminded that we are hungry when our lives begin to meaninglessly unravel or when we are in a bad situation and can’t find a way out.
The Lord is willing and able to fill our spiritual hunger when we come to Him and seek His presence in our lives. Through the Holy Spirit, we are refreshed in our faith, renewed in our hope, and restored in our relationships. In order to remain spiritually healthy, we need to continue a regular intake of God’s righteousness in our lives by doing what we know is right.
Dear Lord, I need to be filled with Your Spirit in order to satisfy my spiritual needs. Give me wisdom and insight on what I need to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.
In His Service,
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