Today’s Thought: They Need God….


Listening to the daily news, it’s filled with tragedy upon tragedy across the globe. Even with the significant advances in technology, greater understanding of diversity and inclusion, and a common desire for peace—our world is full of violence. It’s shocking to talk about what seemed world’s away from us that is now at our front doors. What’s going on?

What the world needs is Jesus Christ. He brings the peace that remains elusive to many people. His sacrifice saves us from the guilt of our sins and reestablishes our purpose for living. Many people are consumed by their guilt and shame—without Christ, they are driven towards the wrong answers for their souls.

Knowing Jesus also brings peace in the midst of chaos. He helps us level-set our vision on Him and not on our circumstances. Through His Holy Spirit, we experience hope even when things look completely hopeless and joy when there’s nothing to make us happy. Keeping our eyes on Jesus restores our strength because we know that troubles won’t last always.

Many people miss the truth that all they really need is God. They are deceived by Satan’s lies, lack of knowledge, and worldly influences. The truth is that they are loved deeply and unconditionally by God. The truth is that they don’t have to carry the burdens of their sins or shame. The truth is that they can be completely free in Christ and live purpose driven lives.

Yet, how can they know if we keep the truth to ourselves? How can they know if we continue to shake our heads at their sins, but never speak a word of truth to them? When we take a deeper look at the lost in our immediate vicinity, we know that all they need is God. What are we going to do about it?


Dear Lord, I confess that I haven’t been actively sharing the truth with those who are lost around me. Instill the courage, wisdom, and strength to help me speak the truth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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