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JOB 6:14

Being forsaken by our close friends can be a devastating experience. We’ve shared our most intimate thoughts and feelings with someone we trusted and they’ve walked out of our lives. When we’ve been hurt by friends, it’s much more difficult to trust again. We find ourselves more protective of our personal thoughts and feelings. We may be hesitant to actively serve in church or join a small group. Yet, we need to move past our hurt feelings of forsakenness and towards opportunities to grow with other people.

In times like these, it’s pertinent that we shift our eyes away from them and towards the One who will never leave nor forsake us. God is the great Healer of our souls and He understands the deep wounds of lost friendships. Jesus was forsaken by every single one of His disciples and betrayed by one of them. In the time He needed them just to pray for Him—they fell asleep twice. Many of those who followed Him daily stayed far away at His crucifixion. He knows what it is like to be forsaken by those He loved.

When friends forsake us, there is hope. After a time of healing and restoration through the Holy Spirit, we need to shake off the past and move forward with the future. Lost friendships aren’t the end of our journey—rather it’s just another part of growing up in the Lord.

When we recover from our hurts, we can readjust our expectations of future friendships to be balanced and mutual. We can use our pain to gain better discernment of other people’s motivations in our friendships. We can also spend more time in prayer asking God to bring us friendships that will last past our time on this earth.


Dear Lord, help me to overcome the pain of my broken friendship. I will trust You to bring true friends as companions on this Christian journey. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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