Today’s Thought-What’s your path….

What’s Your Path?

Have you ever awakened thinking that God wants you to do something bigger than what your are doing? It seems as though He can’t mean you. You feel unequipped and find it intimidating because we know that it seems bigger than us, or our abilities (in Him all things are possible). We ponder about what to do, and cannot ask anyone on earth for help for fear of ridicule.

Always remember, we are to walk in accordance of His word and following His Divine Plan for us. Our Dear Lord wants us to experience a deeper relationship with Him Every Day. When we choose to walk closer to God, we are more apt to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding us towards our Divine Path. Until we do this we will always feel something is missing.

God wants us to do a great work in our life to build His kingdom. He calls for us to use our God given gifts, with which we are blessed, to do just that. He wants us to witness. He requires us to be the missionary in our personal world, to those we meet each day. He only asks that we listen and heed His Divine Guidance one step at a time. The old cliché states….every journey begins with the first step!

The devil will always be there as well. He is constantly placing fears, hesitation and above all …doubt in ourselves. Do not derail your Christian purpose by stumbling on the Devil’s roadblocks. The devil’s influence and power over us is diminished as long as we are connected to the Divine. Let us listen carefully. Separate from the world and focus on the Holy Spirits guidance. Remain humble in your service to Him, and focus only on things of Heaven and not the world. Have faith in that guidance. Your job is to do great works and He has equipped you with the skills needed… even if you cannot see it yourself.

Search the Scriptures to guide your path. Have a personal relationship with God as he wants us to do. Pray unceasingly for the wisdom needed to see correctly. Fellowship with with like-minded saints. Walk daily with a pure heart and steady spiritual intent. The Lord will show us what He can do with those who follow after Him.

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